Preschool Themes

Teaching preschool requires a lot of planning and structure. Using preschool themes is a way to organize a week or even a month of lessons.

I find many of my preschool themes in nature. You can take the theme and apply it across the board for all topics like numbers, counting, matching, noticing differences, colors, reasoning, etc. The list is endless.

Bird Calls

Ask students to make the bird sounds that they know of. Most students will not know much more than “tweet tweet!” Get a tape or CD of different bird sounds and play it to the students. Ask them if they can identify any of the sounds. Have pictures available to show them what the different types of birds look like when you name them.

Bird FeederPre-school Themes

Teach your students to care for birds by creating a bird feeder that you can display outside your classroom. Take a pipe cleaner and curl one end up to form the letter “J.” String Cheerios on the pipe cleaner until it is full. If you leave a little room at the top of the pipe cleaner, you can wind it around a circular object so that it hangs outside the window. You can count the birds you see each day as part of your preschool math curriculum.

Cozy Nest

Food makes this project super fun! Each child needs a bowl and several large pieces of shredded wheat cereal. Students will line the bowl with glue before crumbling the cereal into the bowl. It should stick to the glue and hold on the sides of the bowl to make the look of a bird’s nest. Students can then add candy eggs to their nest to give it a little more excitement.

Wall Mural

Secure a large piece of blank paper to the wall or the board, within reach of your students. Provide them with coloring utensils or paint supplies and ask them to help you create a mural.(This can be a seasonal mural for winter, summer, etc or thematic one such as Birds.) Each student can come up and add something to the creation. Everyone’s addition should have something to do with the topic of the mural.

You might want to start with a basic outline of a field with a tree or some other structures your students can fill in and add to.

Try these preschool themes and then add your own ideas to create your very own preschool lessons. The possibilities are endless and your preschoolers will learn and gain an awareness of the world around them. > Teaching Preschool > Preschool Themes

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