Preschool Science

Teaching preschool science opens the door to unlimited possibilities with your preschoolers.

We encounter science continuously in our everyday lives and children who are introduced to the wonders of science at an early age benefit in so many ways. They can see that it is something to embrace rather than be intimidated by it.

Note how the preschool science ideas below lead one into the other and illustrate how science can help them to understand the world around them.

Who isn't affected by the weather? We use it to tell us how to dress in the morning, what to expect for the day ahead. For preschoolers, having this knowledge and how to use it to begin to make their own decisions is a big step.

Why is it so Hot?

Bring out a poster or a 3-D model of the solar system. Ask them if they know which one is the Earth and where the sun is. Ask students if they know why it is hot in summer and cold in winter. Use the poster or the model to show students that in certain times of the year, Earth is closer to the sun than at other times. When we are closer, the weather is warmer. When we are farther away, the weather is colder. This is a great activity to incorporate into your "Earth Studies" preschool theme week.

Evaporation MysteryPre-school Science

Explain the idea of evaporation to your students. Let them know that the air absorbs moisture, especially in the summer. Give each student a small plastic cup and fill it with water. Have your students make a mark on the cup to tell where the water is that first day. Over the next few days, have your students re-check their cups and make new marks to measure the water level. At the end of the week, see whose water has evaporated the most. Your students will be astonished!

Weather Reporters

Take your class on a “field trip” throughout the room as they serve as weather reporters for the local news station. In one corner of the room, it is summer. Give students a chance to report what the temperature is and what it looks like outside. As they move to different corners, make sure students understand that the weather patterns change, so their reporting must change. Help them with the seasons and the typical weather that happens with each one and give hints as they need them.

These are some favorite preschool science lessons that I have used repeatedly. Give them a try and pass them on to others you know who may be searching for ideas.

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