Lesson Plans for Preschoolers

One sure way to capture the attention of your kids is to create your lesson plans for preschoolers using a theme that can be used throughout the day or week.

There is no better time than now to bring awareness to our earth and the need to be respectful of our resources and planet.

Here are a few ideas for lesson plans for preschoolers to introduce the concept of being "green" for the planet. These ideas can be added to your preschool curriculum for art, science, numbers and counting and even for snacktime.

Recycling PracticeLesson Plans for Pre-Schoolers

Bring in a large number of cans(only those with smooth edges), bottles, packing foam and other recyclable materials. Have the children sort the recyclables by size, color, material, etc. Make sure everything is clean and ask for ideas on how to re-use the things that they are sorting. Give suggestions to encourage them to challenge their imaginations.

Snack Time- Donut Holes

Show the children a “donut hole” and ask if they can identify it and where it came from. Explain how those pieces went to waste before someone figured out that they could be sold. Try to think of other things that used to go to waste but are now use again. Serve “donut holes” as a snack.

Reasoning Skills

Tell each child to think about their toys at home, and to find at least one toy that they don’t really play with much anymore. When they get home, they should put the toy aside and bring it in the next day so that they can be collected and given to an organization or shelter that is requesting these items-- a clear demonstration of the meaning of recycling and sharing.

These are just a few of the ways to create earth friendly lesson plans for preschoolers. It is our responsibility to as educators to begin the process and the mindfulness to save our earth to our young children to continue through life.

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