Preschool Lesson Plans

As a preschool educator, a lot of time is spent creating preschool lesson plans that will enrich the time spent with your students.

I truly believe that a preschooler's job is to play and, while doing so, to learn! It is my job as their teacher to link educational preschool opportunities to their experiences. Keep their play time fun and focused and the rewards present themselves daily.

Your preschool lesson plans create a partnership with your students, their parents, and yourself. Work together learning, introducing ideas, thoughts, cares and needs. By working together and understanding learning styles, likes and dislikes, fears and strengths of your preschoolers you will enrich each other.

Social Skills

What better place to work on social skills than in preschool! Helping children grow at his or her own pace is the key. Some children are active and quick while others are more quiet by nature and prefer to do things more slowly. Recognizing these individual differences and showing approval of these differences helps to build their self worth.

What is a compliment? Pre-School Lesson Plans

Have a role play time where you, the teacher, are the one to provide compliments. The student you choose will draw an activity from a list of activities that you have written on index cards. (These should be positive things such as write the word “Hi” on the board, erase the board for you, water a flower, hold a door for someone, put a book away, etc.) After that person has done the action, give them a compliment.

Ask the other students how it feels to receive a compliment or recognition that they have done something good. Ask them for other ways to give compliments so that they are beginning to think about saying positive things to others. This is an excellent way to provide a role model for them to use in learning how to acknowledge other people’s behavior.


You can follow the role play above with this activity about emotions. Children are aware of their emotions even though they may need help in naming a particular emotion. Showing them how they make others feel is teaching them about empathy.

Try this activity: Making Faces- cut out pictures of children making different expressions such as laughing, crying, smiling, surprised, angry, etc. Set up the pictures next to a mirror and let the children copy the faces in the mirror. Children love watching themselves and others in the mirrors. (They often initiate their own guessing games with each other to name that emotion!)

Reasoning Skills- ask the children how they think their emotions affect others, such as their family and friends. Also, ask them what advice they have for cheering someone up who is sad or angry.

These are just a few starting points to consider and use as you decide on your preschool lesson plans. > Preschool Lessons > Preschool Lesson Plans

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