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86 fun, creative preschool games designed for younger AND older children.
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All the games for preschoolers can be done with everyday household items (most of them come from your kitchen or garage!)
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A handy skills reference is provided with each game, so you'll always know exactly what the preschoolers should be learning.
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Here's a handful of the preschool games you'll learn: "Sleepy Monster", "Moon Cakes", & "The Laundry Game"
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Preschool Games

As a preschool teacher, you know the challenge of finding preschool games for your students. Three and four year olds are learning how to play together rather than playing side by side as toddlers.

For preschool games to be successful, your kids need to develop the ability to take turns, follow directions, and realize that playing with others is more fun than the actual winning. This is no easy task!

Shape Game

You’ll need several cutouts of the 4 shapes they have learned--circle, square, triangle and rectangle. Give each child a shape to hold. Call out directions using the shape names such as “anyone holding a square touch your toes”. This is easy to do for all ages and the directions can be made easier or more difficult to fit your class.

Someone’s HidingPre-school Games

Begin this preschool activity with everyone sitting in a circle, select one child to leave the room. Once that child is gone, pick someone to hide underneath a blanket in the center of the circle. Bring the child back from outside the room and have them try and guess who’s missing, giving hints about gender, hair color, etc until they guess correctly. Continue until everyone has had a chance to hide and to guess who’s hiding.

Traffic Light Game

Make three traffic lights. (Cut 3 strips of paper about 4 x 12 inches. Draw 3 large circles on them lengthwise to resemble a traffic light. Glue a Green Circle on one, a Yellow Circle on another and finally a Red circle on the last one. Mount these 3 lights on their own stick or ruler.)

Have music available to play. Start the music and hold up the Green light. Have the children march along to the music. Change the “light” to Yellow so they know to slow down. When you switch to the Red light, they have to FREEZE in place. They really enjoy this game and the yellow light gives them a little time to settle down which can be hard at this age.)

The preschool games above are simple enough for even your younger students to participate in, to enjoy and to learn from. Give these a try. Remember that you know your students or children better than anyone else, and if you need to modify anything, please do so.

The goal of teaching preschool is to help your students learn, to have fun and learn how to get along with others. > Preschool Activities > Preschool Games

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