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75 "print and go" lesson plans designed for the busy preschool teacher or parent.
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How to refocus a distracted student in 5 seconds. (Plus: how to use "magic mist" to refocus your entire class).
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Teach your students "Animal Math" (they'll love being the center of attention at dinnertime quizzing their parents on "Animal Math").
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Spice up your lessons with 62 fun preschool crafts (most of which can be cleaned up in under 5 minutes).
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Preschool Crafts

If you're a preschool teacher, you are responsible for crafts on a daily basis. Preschool crafts are essential for hands on learning for your children. The best part is that everyone is successful. Just trying, creating and observing the process as well as the results are rewarding.

You or your students don't have to be Picassos to have fun with preschool crafts. It is the process of doing, mixing, measuring, feeling, etc. that needs to be the focus.

You will find that working with clay or play dough has a calming effect on this age as well.

Mud DoughPre-School Crafts

This is a preschool idea for a play dough called Mud Dough.

It is best to do this at a large work table so that all the children can watch and help to stir the dough. They will also get a chance to knead the dough—always a hit with this age group. You will need ½ cup of cold water, 1 tablespoon cooking oil, 2 tablespoons brown tempera paint, ½ cup of salt, 1 tablespoon cornstarch and 1 ½ cups of white flour. You can decide how much of the measuring and pouring can be done by your kids depending on their abilities. Put all of the ingredients in a large bowl to stir together and then turn it out onto the table to knead until it is totally mixed. This really resembles mud and the children enjoy using their Mud Dough to make shapes. Tell them they can make animal shapes, like the ones they might find in a zoo. It always helps to have cookie cutters available to help with this especially for the younger children.

Clay Pigs

Another craft that I like is done using clay. I call it "Clay Pigs" but your preschoolers can make any animal they wish.

Give each student a small hunk of clay. Let them form the clay into a pig, a rooster, or whatever farm animal they wish. You may want to have cookie cutters of common farm animals for your younger students to use. Sculpting with clay is always a hit with even the younger children. Be sure to ask them what their animal is if they try to make one of their own. You should let them add food coloring to the clay before it hardens if you like, or, when it hardens, you can let them paint their sculptures. Make sure to have little bowls of water available to act like glue when your students are molding pieces together.

Try these preschool crafts with your class and let imaginations take center stage. No sculpture is wrong! These are win/win projects and learning activities that your kids will ask to do over and over again. > Preschool Activities > Preschool Crafts

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